This is my first blog! I’m going to try to mix it up and keep it interesting.

Regularly, I will be giving you some tips for buying an equine property and sometimes just share some “horse talk.” I’m also going to post some videos of local equine facilities. I’m going to talk to the owners and trainers and get their take on the things they like about their facilities and other things they wish they had done differently when building or buying barns, arenas, land and other things related to their own equine properties.

Let me tell you a little bit about my background in the world of horses. I have owned many different breeds of horses and I have shown in many different disciplines, from ranch horse events to dressage. I have owned a small breeding farm, a five acre mini-farm, lived and worked at various standardbred tracks, and at times I have boarded my horses. So I have a really good idea what works and doesn’t work with horse properties.

I understand that the horse owner with just a few personal horses has totally different needs than a trainer with 25-50 horses in training.

I’ve lived in Florida, Georgia, the Carolinas and Ohio and I understand the challenges that the different climates present to horse people in different areas. For instance, in the sandhills of South Carolina, horse owners don’t generally need to spend money on arena footing. The natural sand surface is perfect for working horses in most disciplines. In the south, most people do not need or have indoor arenas. In Ohio, you can’t work your horse without one!

So I hope you enjoy my upcoming blogs and videos. When you or someone you know is in the market for a horse property, don’t hesitate to contact me, your Equine Property Specialist.

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