Picking out a new home is a very exciting time but can also be a terrifying one. How do you choose the best location? What if the house has problems you can’t afford to fix? What if you fall in love with two places?

The Barker Team at HER is ready to help you find the right home & guide you through the process.  We encourage you to consider things you may not have previously thought about.  For example: the style of home that would best fit your families needs, the proximity to work, whether or not a basement or garage is important, and key features you need in a home.  Our agents have access & can show you any home that is on the market which makes it easy on our clients!

Know your price range and what you can afford. Our team can assist you in determining this.  Make sure you consider more than the list price. A house with a vaulted ceiling may cost more to heat than one with a lower ceiling, and a house with a pool means paying to maintain it. All these extras can add up, but careful planning ahead of time can help you determine how much you can afford.

Bring a camera & take notes!  Remembering which house had the dark hardwood floors and which one had the wall-to-wall shag carpeting can get confusing faster than you might think. Remembering exactly what you liked so much about the different homes you have been shown requires an excellent memory and keen attention to detail.  Pictures can help refresh your memory.

Many people don’t have the same taste as you, so don’t be turn off by the decor of the home. You shouldn’t let stylistic choices affect your judgment of what a home could be. Look beyond the wallpaper and paint colors. Is there a stunning picture window hidden behind the hideous orange drapes? Is the hardwood floor good quality despite the stained rugs layered on top?  Think of the long term. Remember, the current owners’ stuff will leave with them.

Ask yourself if this is a home that you would feel comfortable entertaining in?  Would you feel proud having people come to visit?  Can you imagine yourself coming home to this home and feeling happy? Make sure you like the neighborhood and community your potential home is in. Location is key!

Most importantly, trust your intuition.  Make sure you love your new home whether you plan on staying for a long while or just a few years. Remember, you will soon be putting your own touches in it, things like furniture, paint color, and landscaping will make it your very own.



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