Pickerington, Ohio

Pirkerington2The City of Pickerington is located just east of Columbus, in Fairfield and Franklin counties. The city features a historic downtown shopping area, while Violet Township is home to rolling hills, log houses, forests, and fields. Designated as the “Violet Capital of Ohio” in 1996 it is the second largest city in Fairfield County and is second in size only to Lancaster. This suburban Columbus city is also home to the “Motorcycle Hall of Fame”.

The Parks and Recreation Department offers a variety of events for the recreation of residents and visitors. There are two sports programs, the Pickerington Youth Athletic Association and the Adult Sports League. There are two parks that belong to the department: Victory Park and Sycamore Creek Park. Both are located on Columbus Street, just south of Olde Town Pickerington. In 2008, the department purchased the Swim Club, a local swimming pool, with non-tax revenue.

In addition to the top rated Pickerington Local School District, there are several pirvate schools in the area including: The Goddard School, Primrose School and La Petite Academy.

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