We have said it once and we will say it again, but curb appeal can set your house a part from the rest of the neighborhood. Fall decorating of your door and lawn does not just need to be limited to Halloween, but can be for the whole season. The list below is a combination of ideas and DIY examples of how easy decorating this fall can be for the outdoors.



  1. Corn Husks, bundle them or tie them with jute rope around the door frame for festive drapery.
  2. Wreaths are not simply for Christmas, but for any season. An over-sized woven wreath can be the focal point of your front porch.
  3. Door hang a little differently this year with a basket full of apples as your wreath.
  4. Rustic planters with seasonal flowers can be the pop of color for when the leaves start to fall.
  5. Bundles of mums laid alongside baby pumpkins can maximize a small space.
  6. Commit to a bold statement by using reclaimed wood or palettes for large signage. Paint letters on or mold old iron pieces to spell out a greetings like FALL or WELCOME.


  7. Turn pumpkins into a house number display. We suggest painting little pumpkins white then using dark black or maroon to paint on the house numbers onto each pumpkin.


  8. Warm up your front porch furniture for the chilly nights ahead by adding pillows and blankets to make a cozy seating area.
  9. Corn stalks are perfect for tying to a pillar or guardrail to frame the composition of your front porch display.
  10. Another signage idea would be to use a chalkboard to write out your seasonal greetings and draw fall art that you can change every few days if desired. We like the phrase, “IT’S FALL YA’LL”.
  11. Do you have your child’s old red wagon still hanging out in the garage or shed? Re-purpose it by filling it with pumpkins, gourds and straw for a contained fall scenery.
  12. Palettes, we cannot get enough of them. Cut the wood into pumpkin shapes. Leave them in their distressed wood look or paint them orange. (for those you want to prepare for Christmas, on the back can be made into ornaments).
  13. Put away your lawn chairs from summer and get a rocking chair. Accent it with a plaid blanket for the breezy fall nights.
  14. Wicker baskets filled with autumn goodies or barrels with flowers or pumpkins on top.


  15. Blend thrift store finds with your existing fall decor. Paint an old picture frame turquoise to contrast the brown and orange color theory of fall.
  16. Change up the traditional color palette with whites, light blues and softer hues.
  17. Recycle an ladder, we find wooden looks the nicest, but hang seasonal flower baskets from the top or stack pumpkins and gourds on each step. The possibilities are endless.
  18. You know this one-Symmetry, is important when framing your front door for curb appeal. Make sure you even out your decorations on both sides.
  19. Crates are another great tool for housing pumpkins and gourds. Drape a plaid blanket over the edge for an additional autumn effective.
  20. Let the whole street know it is Fall with marquee lights. Have them lined up in front of pumpkins of considerable size.
  21. Keep your color scheme cohesive to flaunt the most elegant of fall displays.
  22. We cannot have fall without burlap! Burlap sacks, pillows, or rug will be an excellent piece to tie everything together.
  23. Gourds, Gourds, Gourds. Stack them, paint them, just don’t eat em.
  24. Cut burlap pieces into little triangles and paint letters on them to hang a welcome banner across your threshold, across a wagon or across a row of pumpkins.
  25. Decorate an outdoor lantern with faux leaves and berries.
  26. Need an extra seat or want a more natural feel? Hay bales can be used for stacking pumpkins and other decorations or sitting area for the little while you rock back in your rocking chair.
  27. If carving pumpkins are too much of a mess for you then venture out to painting instead. Paint on goofy or scary faces, silhouettes or scenes.
  28. Make a smooth transition into Halloween by adding on to your already existing fall decor with crows, black cats and jack’o lanterns.


    We hope you found all these ideas entertaining and creative. Explore and experiment your options this fall and have fun. Start shopping at the dollar store or thrift shop for some of the key pieces to keep these Do It Yourself projects inexpensive. Your door way does not need to be enormous to produce a fantastic display of autumn galore.

We would like to thank you and give credit to Country Living for the fall season decor ideas above.

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