Welcome to The Barker Team Equine Properties page.   I hope you are all getting in some good riding time and preparing for the shows that are finally beginning to open up again.  I know I am ready to get going!

I had planned to purchase a new horse this spring, but with all of the COVID19 uncertainty, I decided to wait a little while to see how things worked out.  During the last few months, I had time to think about what kind of showing I wanted to do and what kind of horse I needed to do those things with.

The real estate business is good, and I am staying really busy.  I had to ask myself if I had time for a horse, and if I had the time for the responsibility of the horse.  I had never seriously thought about a leased horse before, but the thought became planted in my mind and I started thinking of the pros and cons of pursuing this course.

The horse I am interested in is a four- year old. She is a little green and a mare.  I recognize that I get along better with a gelding, although I have had a few really nice mares along the way.  So there is going to be a good bit of training to be done, and the fact that I can keep the mare at the trainer’s barn and get some additional training sessions in, is going to be a big advantage for me.  Also, it gives me some time to see if she and I really can get along and form a partnership.

Sometimes in a leased situation, the downside is that you fall in love with the horse, and the horse will not be for sale.  This is not the case in my situation.  If she and I get along, I plan to purchase her in a few months.

Often the seller will not allow you to move the horse from their barn to your own barn or to your home facility.  For me, the option to stay at the trainer’s barn is an advantage and will be favorable to me as I get to know the horse a little better.

Worst case scenario would be that she and I did not get along and I decide not to purchase her.  This would not be the best outcome for the seller.  However, the seller has had their horse’s maintenance, training, and expenses paid during this time so they aren’t out anything but time.

So I think this is a win-win situation for me at this point. I will keep you updated on our progress and how the lease situation goes.  My new partner’s name is Karen.  I’ll post some pictures and videos soon.

Ride safe and have fun!






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