For any of you following my decision-making journey, I want to start right off by saying “I bought her”!  Willow, f/k/a Karen, now belongs to me.  I was trying to be patient and make sure I made a good choice.  However, Willow and I just clicked  and after a few rides, I knew she was right for me and I purchased her. She is doing great and I am posting a short video of me riding Willow at Adult Night at Zoe Woodland Performance Horses.

By the way, if you live in the Columbus, Ohio area you should plan to go to one of the Adult Night events.  We ride, play horse games, sip an adult beverage or two, and then usually go out to dinner afterwards.  Good people, great horses and a fun time!

Buying a horse is a big purchase.  It is a sizable commitment and can be a little scary at times.  Kind of like buying a house!  Similar to a home purchase, you search for the perfect one, you calculate what you can afford, you find what you like, you buy it…..and then you own it for what is a very long time.  I am working with some young first-time buyers and at times I have to “talk them off the ledge.”  The first home purchase can cause some angst for sure.  You are signing up for a house payment that may be higher than any rent you have ever paid.  The thought of taxes and insurance can be overwhelming.  That is where your realtor and lender come in.  They can answer all your questions, help you through the process, and celebrate with you when you close on that perfect home.

Whether you are buying a horse or a home or just are interested in following my blog, I hope you will visit The Barker Team website often.  I am hoping to take Willow to some of the fall shows.  I will continue to post pictures and write the story as Willow and I go through this adventure together.

As always, if you are thinking of buying or selling a home, please keep me in mind!

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