Choosing the Barker Team as my agents while searching for my first home was a fantastic decision. I had the pleasure of working with Dara, Thad and Jennifer, all of whom were friendly, honest and helpful. They were very willing to truly hear what it was I looked for and wanted in a house, and never pushed me in any direction I did not want to go. They always listened to my thoughts and then would give advice and reference their past experiences after to keep my wants on the forefront but also keep me realistic. They were always open on their feelings and experience and going through the buying process with them not only got me the exact results I wanted from the process, but also caused me to learn a lot about every step of the way, as they were fantastic with communication on how things worked, what to expect and why.
They also were great during negotiations, helping me to get the house I wanted, and at the price and with all the repairs I wanted. Not once did I get the feeling that my business was just about the dollar signs for them. They genuinely seemed to care that I got what I wanted when I wanted it, as they never rushed me or pushed me towards anything. They truly seemed to be on my side on every step of the process. Having them along on my numerous house visits felt less like a salesman walking me through a house, and much more like a friend who just happened to be an expert in the Real Estate market. I definitely have nothing but positive feelings on the Barker team and not only have already actively encouraged them to anyone I know who’s considering buying a home, but I will absolutely go back to them when the time comes for me to sell and buy again.
First Time Home Buyer, Joseph Vadala

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